Creative autographs are just the start

We’re all creators.

But having a thriving creative career — financial stability, rich community, high output, no burnout — is too hard for most to achieve.

Enter fan collaboration.

We believe this is a great catalyst for creative career growth.


Because fans are talented.

By collaborating with them in the right ways a creator can earn income, build community, and increase creative output all while minimizing burnout.

A more thriving creative career.

And maybe the best part, fans get to push their creativity forward as well by working with a creator they deeply admire.

Therefore, our thesis is: if we make collaboration with fans fun, easy, and productive, more creators will have thriving careers.

With more thriving creators, the world will be a more creative place, society’s appreciation for the arts will increase, and creative pursuits will be held in high esteem.

So Wowd. Wow your crowd.

We’re here to help any creator build a thriving career through fan collaboration

Meet the team

We're driven to build tools to make it fun, easy, and productive for creators to collaborate with their fans.

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