Earn money, delight fans, and generate content in a fun and easy way

  • Pictures of different collaborations made with Wowd.

    Delight your fans

    Creative autographs are a new fun way to give fans a personalized interaction they’ll love. Fun signature on a fan’s photo? A doodle? Or other creation? It’s your choice!

  • Picture of drawing on the app and easy social-sharing functions.

    Easy to use

    Wowd easily plugs into where your fans are today. Just set your offer, share a link, and quickly fulfill fan requests from anywhere.

  • Picture of tweet generated by Wowd app.

    Creates content for your socials

    Upcoming social post or event you want to amplify? Or just need content? Just set up an offer and watch your fans generate fun content for you. Pick what you like and share it!

  • Picture of notifications from the Wowd app, each for a collaboration that earned them money.

    Earns you money

    Fans pay for the simple and delightful interaction - you set the price. Charge anywhere from $5 - $1000 and generate a meaningful new income stream.

  • Pictue of future feature ideas, like audio editing.

    We're just getting started

    We're building tools to enable you to connect and create with fans like you never have before. Be early in helping us shape the future of Wowd!

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